1Is CharBot Safe
CharBot is very safe. It is undetectable because it plays Pokemon Go just like a human would play and it doesn't do anything that a human wouldn't do. CharBot does not access the API or use a 3rd party app. CharBot is always performing checks to make sure that it is doing what it should be doing. You can see how many checks CharBot does by taking a quick look at the console window that is displayed with the GUI. With each file transfer you see, CharBot is doing upwards of 10-15 safety checks, depending on what routine it is in. CharBot also uses lots of randomization while it plays, including random file names, and random locations of where it taps. You can watch CharBot play on your android device while you sit back and relax
2Can I subscribe?
Yes! We currently have an Early Access discount running and any subscribers who join before it ends can continue their subscription at the reduced price if they want.
3How Do I Use CharBot
First, download CharBot from the download link at the top of this page and buy a license to use with CharBot. Once you have activated your CharBot license, simply run the CharBot.exe that you downloaded and you will be prompted with a few steps to follow so that CharBot runs correctly. Plug your phone into your computer and follow a few easy setup steps that come with screenshots. After you have finished with the setup, simply click start and you will be met with a GUI, where you can edit settings such as what Pokemon and items you want charbot to get rid of. You can also view how many Pokemon CharBot has caught and how many Pokestops have been spun. You can also see what Pokemon CharBot has caught, and if they were shiny.
4Is My Android Compatible?
It depends. CharBot will run much better on a newer phone. We recommend not using a phone that is older than 4-5 years. We also recommend using a rooted phone so that CharBot can throw curve-balls.
5Why Isn't CharBot Throwing Curve-Balls
In order for CharBot to throw curve-balls, your Android device usually needs root access but this isn't always the case. Some older phones may not be able to throw curve-balls even if they are rooted and some newer devices might be able to even if they are not rooted. We will continue to improve CharBot over time, so if your device is not currently compatible with curve-balls, it might be in the future.
6My License Key Does Not Work
If you have already validated your license and it has not expired, make sure that you are leaving the input field blank and click the "I've Already Activated" button. You will need to activate a new license for every new month that you are subscribed and you can only activate one computer per license.
7How Do I Contact Support
Contact support at support@charbot.me