Patch Notes

2020-06-23 : version 3.1.1:
– new download for the remainder of 2020.
– works with the latest Pokemon Go version and earlier.

2020-05-30 : version 3.1.1:
– new download for June
– works with the latest Pokemon Go version (0.177.1) and lower

2020-04-30 : version 3.1.1:
– new download for May

2020-04-01 : version 3.1.1:
– new download for April
– works with Pokemon Go version 0.171.4 and lower

2020–03-01 : version 3.1.1:
– new download for March

2020 -02-22 : version 3.1.1:
– a new GUI – much nicer to look at and displays more pokemon
– CharBot will automatically verify your license if you have already activated – no need to click the ‘already activated’ button

2020-02-19 : version 3.0.4:
*bug fix* a few phones were not detecting the homepage – fixed
– additional error handling

2020-02-17 : version 3.0.3:
– working with all current Pokemon Go versions ( 0.165.0 , 0.165.1 , 0.165.2 and version 0.167.0 once the update is forced )
– can spin grunt stops
– prioritizes spinning pokestops and catching pokemon better
– discards items less frequently
– slightly better at getting accurate CP values
– better at spinning pokestops if lag occurs

2020-02-13 : version 3.0.2:
– a safety check that we added was sometimes causing CharBot to exit from discarding items prematurely – fixed
– some slight optimizations

2020-02-12 : version 3.0.1:
A very stable, fast and accurate release
– huge performance boost – CharBot now capable of running reasonably well on high resolution devices – and extremely fast if you are able to lower your display resolution
– many, many bug fixes, performance boosts and optimizations. Too many to list

2020-02-10 : version 2.1.4 :
– can now throw pokeballs accurately for all devices, no matter what the resolution is
– throws pokeballs more accurately
– moves the camera at more better intervals
– is better at finding pokemon
– performance increase for devices with high resolutions

2020-02-10 : version 2.1.3 :
– added extra safety check when discarding items
*bug fix* – very rarely CharBot gets stuck in a loop after discarding items – fixed
*bug fix* – very rarely CharBot gets stuck in a loop after miss clicking a Grunt – fixed

2020-02-09 : version 2.1.2 :
A stable release of version 2.1.1 – Very unlikely to get stuck in a loop or perform any unwanted actions
*bug fix* – On some devices touch events do not register – potential fix
– slightly faster – removed some wait timers
– slightly faster – optimized some routines
– added additional safety checks without sacrificing speed

2020-02-09 : version 2.1.1 :
– can now read CP values
– is much faster as reading the pokemon’s name
– throws pokeballs in quicker succession
– the “zoom camera out after PoGo freeze” routine is more reliable
– many small potential bug fixes
– quicker to exit a miss-clicked spun stop or a pokestop grunt
– is faster and better optimized
*bug fix* – might fix the issue where some phones could not transfer pokemon
*bug fix* – “CharBot might power a pokemon up once if it is new to pokedex” – fixed

2020-02-07 : version 2.0.5 :
*bug fix* – ” CharBot might power up a pokemon one time if the pokemon that you catch is new to your Pokedex” – fixed
*bug fix* – potential bug fixes

2020-02-06 : version 2.0.4 :
*bug fix* – “NameError: name ‘greenButtonSEARCH’ is not defined” – fixed
– added extra safety check when discarding items
– exits discarding items routine faster
– less likely to exit a pokemon encounter if your phone lags
– curveballs are slightly more accurate
– will throw non-curveballs at pokemon that are closer to the camera.
– starts throwing pokeballs earlier after it encounters a pokemon

2020-02-01 :
We have reduced the cost of CharBot. See

2020-02-01 : version 2.0.3 :
– added additional checks for the “Restart PoGo if frozen” function.

2020-01-30 : version 2.0.2 :
– ChaBot can safely restart Pokemon Go and continue botting if Pokemon Go freezes
– increased throwing accuracy
– error handling for all loops – CharBot should not get stuck in any infinite loops
– additional error handling for very stubborn phones
– a few more safety features
*bug fix* – CharBot gets stuck in loop if you try to set up curveball throws on a device that is not compatible – fixed
This release will fix the last compatibility issues that we know of and allow CharBot to run smoothly on 99% of Android mobile devices. Worst case scenario is that CharBot will not be able to throw curveballs.
If any problems pop up, email and we will address them

2020-01-30 : version 2.0.1 :
Major improvements in speed, accuracy and safety. Version 2.0.1 is far more superior than all prior versions.

2020-01-27 : version 1.3.50 :
*improvement* – curveball throws are smoother and will work much better on all devices and prevent the ball getting stuck during a throw
*improvement* – CharBot will exit from a spun stop much faster
*improvement* – added more safety checks
*improvement* – slight speed increase
*bug fix* – CharBot successfully encounters a pokemon but does nothing and exits the encounter – fixed
– CharBot will stop running if your Pokemon bag is full

2020-01-26 : version 1.2.53 :
– can now run accurately on HD resolution display. This speeds CharBot up by over 30% and makes it much more accurate at tapping pokemon & pokestops. FHD is still compatible in case you can not change your display resolution.
– more likely to spin stops that are within spin distance

2020-01-25 : version 1.2.52 :
*temporary bug fix* Pokeball gets stuck on screen when throwing a curveball
– CharBot will detect if a pokeball gets stuck on screen during a curveball throw and will fix the issue and resort to throwing non-curveballs instead. This is a temporary fix while we work on making the curveball throw routine more stable

2020-01-24 : version 1.2.51 :
*bug fix* – CharBot gets stuck in infinite loop and continues to take screenshots – fixed

2020-01-24 : version 1.2.50 :
– major speed and accuracy improvements
– compatibility fixes. More devices can now use CharBot without errors

2020-01-23 : version 1.1.55 :
*bug fix* CharBot keeps trying to exit Pokemon Go – fixed (Thanks P.B for your help with debugging this)

2020-01-23 : version 1.1.54 :
– compatibility fixes. More devices can now use CharBot without errors
– CharBot discards items less frequently – slight performance boost

2020-01-23 : version 1.1.53 :
*error handling* “Pokemon Go not in focus”
– Some devices use a unique syntax. This update should fix the problem

2020-01-23 : version 1.1.52 :
*error handling*
File “<frozen CharBot>”, line 16202, in curveballCircle
TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable
– CharBot will now work on devices that had this error – but will have to throw non-curveballs for now

2020-01-21 : version 1.1.51 :
– major compatibility fixes. More devices can now use CharBot without errors
– extended the free trial. The trial now expires on the 30th of this month

2020-01-15 : version 1.1.50 :
– major compatibility fixes. More devices can now use CharBot without errors
– added a new GUI

2020-01-12 : version 1.0.55 :
Patch might fix the following issue –
*bug* “‘[‘adb’, ‘shell’, ‘dumpsys’, ‘window’, ‘windows’, ‘|’, ‘grep’, ‘”‘mCurrentFocus’”]’ returned non zero exit status 1”

2020-01-12 : version 1.0.54 :
Patch might fix the following issues –
*bug* some phones were not throwing pokeballs
*issue* WHY IS CHARBOT TRYING TO EXIT POKEMON GO? This was not an error on CharBot’s part. It occurs because some gps spoofing apps have a setting that prevents the phone from taking screenshots while their app is running. You must disable that setting!

2020-01-11 : version 1.0.53 :
Patch fixes the following issues –
*bug fix* [temporary] “could not open /dev/input/event0, Permission denied…” – we are not sure what is causing this error for some phones. Charbot will throw non-curve balls on these devices until we figure out what is happening.
*bug fix* phones with low RAM can now catch pokemon

2020-01-11 : version 1.0.52 :
Patch fixes the following issues –
– minor bug fixes.
– “AdbWinApi.DLL not found” – fixed – added the necessary dependencies that some phones need.
*bug fix* very rarely – bot gets stuck on the screen after catching a pokemon.

2020-01-10 : version 1.0.51 :
Patch fixes the following issues –
– added junk removal of unneeded files left behind after the bot is exited.
– added extra screenshot telling user how to start bot correctly.
– more stable and less likely to crash.
– slight performance increase.
*bug fix* some non-rooted android devices were not throwing balls at pokemon
*bug fix* devices with large screens were causing pokeballs to get stuck for pokemon that are close to the camera.
Continue to send any errors you get to so that we can make this compatible for as many phones as possible.