If CharBot does not work and you have tried the solutions below, email and tell us what is not working and what device you are using. We will fix the problem in an update and issue you a new key.

CharBot does not open
The CharBot application will stop working at the end of every month. You will need to download the file again at the beginning of each month

Could not find the main homepage!
You need to start CharBot after you are already on the Pokemon Go page where you can catch pokemon and spin stops from.
Also caused because some phones automatically adjust screen colors. You will need to find the setting and choose ‘natural mode’ to stop this error

“java.lang.SecurityException: Injecting to another application requires INJECT_EVENTS permission”
After enabling Usb Debugging Under Developer Options. Please Enable USB Debugging(Security settings) under developer options itself.

“could not open /dev/input/event1, Permission denied”
In Developer Settings you have to enable the Security Developer Options and sign in with your mi-account.

Charbot closes Pokemon Go by gesture:
You will need to disable gesture navigation if your phone uses this and is causing problems

“Pokemon Go is not the focus” even if it is:
Make sure that you have the “USB Configuration” setting in the Developer Options to be set to “MTP”.
Also caused if you try to play Pokemon Go with VMOS. We do not support VMOS because it is unsafe.

“Charbot does not throw pokeballs and keeps taking screenshots:
This can happen if Pokemon Go is not played in English. CharBot needs to read the pokemon’s name and can only currently read names in English. We have plans on adding compatibility for more languages in the future.

“Charbot does not throw pokeballs”
If you have tried to enable curveballs, restart CharBot and do not enable curveballs.
This can also happen if you change your phones resolution and do not restart Pokemon Go afterwards. Restart Pokemon Go after changing your phones resolution.

Charbot is trying to exit Pokemon go:
This is not usually an error on CharBot’s part. It occurs because some gps spoofing apps have a setting that prevents the phone from taking screenshots while their app is running. You will need to find this setting and disable it.

Charbot is not throwing curve balls:
Charbot will try to throw curve-balls on all devices, but in almost all cases, your phone will need to be rooted in order to throw curve balls.